Clinical and Research e-Registry


CAReR is a generic clinical registry solution, designed for online operation from multiple service sites. It caters for both disease and procedures registers and adapts to the specific objectives of a clinical registry that has any or all of the following requirements:

  • Annual reporting and trends
  • Clinical support information for registered patients
  • Downloadable reports on characteristics of a services’ own patients, individually, in groups and overall
  • Aggregate patient outcome and performance monitoring at service level
  • Benchmarking and inter-service comparisons
  • Ad hoc data extracts for research studies (subject to governance and ethics requirements)
  • Data linkage with other systems (subject to governance and ethics requirements)


CAReR applications are implemented typically under a relational database management system, with SQL access modules.  Database entities, tailored to a clinical registry’s specific objectives, may include:

  • Patient identities (codes or names, as required)
  • Patient demographic and social characteristics
  • Diagnoses, presenting signs and symptoms
  • Occasions and types of service
  • Inpatient/outpatient procedures
  • Follow-up clinical and status measures
  • Therapies and treatment regimes
  • Patient death or other study end-point


CAReR implements industry technical standards, including those recommended by the National eHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA) for Australian Clinical Quality Registries, such as:

  • Data modelling, using UML or related techniques
  • System metadata consistent with METeOR (the official metadata standard for Australian health data, maintained by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)
  • Data types optimised for major data management applications
  • Clinical terminology using SNOMED-CT and AMT
  • Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHIs) and Healthcare Professional Identifiers (HPI-I / HPI-O), managed by Medicare Australia


CAReR is a product of Australian Clinical Registries (ACR), a business unit of Geoff Sims Consulting Pty Ltd. ACR also offers advice on governance and registry management, emphasising compliance with Operating Principles for Australian Clinical Quality Registries (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2010), and drawing on extensive experience in registry management


Registry data analysis and reporting services are also available from ACR.  Services include descriptive analysis for annual reporting and statistical analysis (using STATA) for trend indicators, benchmarking and survival to study end-points.